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 Corporate Slogans

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PostSubject: Corporate Slogans   Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:09 pm

Every company that advertises on TV has to close their ads with a slogan, most of which make no sense at best, or are horribly misguided at worst.  I'll let you fill in the details; it's not hard to find examples. Lots of 'em.

My dad worked for Boeing Computer for years, they ran IBM mainframes exclusively.  He was always bringing home IBM swag they'd given him at work, most of which was cool.  The best thing he ever got though, which sat for years in his basement workshop and now sits proudly on my stereo, is a little sign attached to a triangular stick of wood.

Simple slogan, powerful, related to their products, memorable, laudable.  And I might add, re-usable.

It works in other languages too:

And of course Apple co-opted it:
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Corporate Slogans
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