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 Religion and Politics

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PostSubject: Religion and Politics   Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:14 pm

Some people, maybe a lot of people, think religion and politics are similar realms, that one's religion is his own business (and nobody else's) and one's politics is also his own business. They think that discussions of either religion or politics are therefore in somewhat bad taste, if not absolutely forbidden.

However, I disagree. Religion is all airy fairy nonsense that rarely impacts the real world (or at least it shouldn't). Politics otoh is very real, and decisions people make based on their politics can and do have very real consequences, for themselves and for others.

Politics should not be a "third rail" that people are afraid to discuss in public. That is what has allowed some toxic non-fact-based and downright dangerous ideology to thrive in a world dominated by hate mongers who think of their hate speech as somehow protected speech. Nobody should be allowed to hide counter-factual and/or hateful ideologies behind a "that's just politics" protective barrier.
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Religion and Politics
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