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 Local Politics (WA State)

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Local Politics (WA State) Empty
PostSubject: Local Politics (WA State)   Local Politics (WA State) EmptyWed Nov 07, 2018 7:15 am

Some closely-watched races in WA are coming in.

Long-time progressive liberal incumbent Maria Cantwell handily defeated her well-known ex-TV news anchor (and huge $ insane-policy wonk) Susan Hutchison 58.6% to 41.4%.

Representative (7th district):
Far left wing socialist Pramila Jayapal flattened her opponent with 83.4% of the vote.

Representative (8th District):
First-time politician pediatrician Kim Schrier defeated four-time-gubenatorial-loser and evil-money-sponge Dino Rossi, 52.9% to 47.1%.

Gun control:
Initiative won with 60.4%.

Police training:
Initiative to send police through sensitivity training won with 59.2%.

Carbon Emissions Tax:
Going down to defeat 56-43% because of incredible spending by outside oil companies portraying the tax as reckless.  Literally 8-10 ads in a row on TV every night for months.  Supporters raised $15 million but opponents raised a staggering $31.3 million -- for a state initiative. BP supplied $13.13m of it.
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Local Politics (WA State)
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