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 Were we better off in the 1950s?

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PostSubject: Were we better off in the 1950s?   Tue May 13, 2014 7:56 pm

On the bus on the way home tonight I listened to Dan Savage's "Lovecast" podcast, wherein he encouraged listeners to register to vote in advance of the 2014 mid-term elections.  He encouraged us to vote because Republicans were counting on low democratic (and Democratic) turnout.  They have used mid-terms over the past several years to slide conservative Republican candidates into a whole lot of low-profile offices: mayors, governors, state representatives, state senators, county councilmen, sheriffs, city aldermen, dogcatchers.  What has happened, almost with the Left not noticing, is the grassroots political apparatus of the country has been painted red while the Dems weren't paying attention.  We still turn out every four years and elect Democratic presidents, but it almost doesn't matter.  The real power is local, and we've lost that.

Dan's point wasn't this however.

His point was the agenda of the newly-empowered right-leaning officeholders is the opposite of "progressive."  They want to return to the nineteen fifties.  They want to eliminate Roe V Wade, they want to limit access to birth control, gay rights, sex education and universal standardized schooling, they want to roll back minority voting rights, they want to strip environmental regulations, they want to re-establish the Gilded Age where robber barons ran the economy.   And they're largely succeeding.  If the Kochs have their way we'll all be riding in Mercuries and wearing ducktails.

The latest trend, just beginning to rear its head, is rolling back the 19th Amendment.  He played tape of some yahoo southern pol who has decided that the Constitution provides for one vote per household, not one vote per person.  By giving women the vote, we are weakening the family because a woman should support her husband and her husband should vote the family's will (I know, it didn't make sense when he said it either).  The point is, these people think the 1920s-'50s were a golden age and are actively trying to bring it back.

I remember it differently.
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Were we better off in the 1950s?
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