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 Churches and Hurricane Sandy

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PostSubject: Churches and Hurricane Sandy   Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:06 am

Story on NPR this morning about thousands of churches and synagogues seeking federal assistance after being damaged by Sandy.

I say, if they don't pay property tax and they don't pay B&O taxes, they're on their own.
John Smith in comments wrote:
They dont pay taxes, why on earth should they get aid now?? Im tired of churches draining our govt. Make them pay taxes and help pay down the debt. They guilt poor people into having babies they cant afford, they oppose sexual education and birth control, they encourage people NOT to think for themselves, and recently, they have DARED the IRS to come after them when they BLATANTLY disregard the tax laws that say they cannot be involved in politics. Churches need help? Tell them to pray.
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PostSubject: Re: Churches and Hurricane Sandy   Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:57 pm

They also don't pay property taxes.

I'm certainly with you on this one. I see no reason why churches should not pay all applicable taxes - even more so if they expect government largesse when they have problems. I first became aware of the churches not paying taxes when I read an article about fifty years ago. It pissed me off then, and it pisses me off now.

Besides, wouldn't this be classified as "An Act of God"? Shouldn't the churches be held liable for the damages done to other people's property?
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Churches and Hurricane Sandy
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