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 Mike Flynn's Sentencing Delayed

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Mike Flynn's Sentencing Delayed Empty
PostSubject: Mike Flynn's Sentencing Delayed   Mike Flynn's Sentencing Delayed EmptyTue Dec 18, 2018 5:29 pm

Mueller's and the defense attorneys' recommendation were for no jail time for Flynn, due to his extensive cooperation with the OSC and his long history of service to the country.

But today, the judge threw all that out.  He told Flynn he "arguably sold out his country."  He asked if Flynn might be guilty of treason.  He was very, very angry with the defendant.  

He decided to delay the sentencing for 90 days.  

Partly this could be due to the indictment, yesterday, of one of Flynn's business partners for a scheme to influence Trump Administration policy on Turkey while being an unregistered foreign agent for, you guessed it, Turkey.  This deepens Flynn's involvement and opens him up to a similar charge.  Mueller may not have the power to absolve Flynn of these crimes -- redacted cooperation or not.

When all the facts come out, and all the connections are made public, I suspect there will be many really surprising examples of malfeasance that we haven't seen detailed yet.

The judge today had read the comments in the sentencing recommendations that the rest of us were not allowed to see.  That gives some idea of the seriousness of what's in there.

Oh my my.
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Mike Flynn's Sentencing Delayed
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