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 Judged For Voting Frivolously

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Judged For Voting Frivolously Empty
PostSubject: Judged For Voting Frivolously   Judged For Voting Frivolously EmptyWed Nov 28, 2018 9:01 pm

Quote :
“I can’t get that Trump woman out of my head,” my son told me later. “She was so nice in other ways. But she acted like politics is a game, not something that affects real life.”

There’s no more reliable marker of privilege than believing, or pretending to believe, that politics has no impact on real life. As a black male, my son is growing up to face dangers that his seatmate’s choice of president has increased. He will inherit a world shaped by a man whose core values are rotten. Trump may be incompetent, but he’s been able to do a lot of damage already.

My son said he thought the seatmate was a little embarrassed by her Trump vote. She told him she didn’t want to be judged for it, any more than she wanted to be judged for being from Kansas. And I agree ― nobody should be judged for where they come from. But if there were ever a fair basis on which to judge someone, it’s on the actions they take in situations that affect other people. There’s no more obvious example than voting.

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Judged For Voting Frivolously
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