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 Movie: An Inconvenient Truth

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Movie: An Inconvenient Truth Empty
PostSubject: Movie: An Inconvenient Truth   Movie: An Inconvenient Truth EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 7:07 pm

Reading the book on the intervention of the Supreme Court to prevent Al Gore's being declared president (all indications say he actually won), I was reminded of "An Inconvenient Truth" and had to re-watch it.

What a different world it would have been if SCOTUS had just stayed the fuck out of the election:

  • No 17-year war in Afghanistan (wasting $2.4 trillion, enough to do major infrastructure reform)
  • No war in Iraq, no ISIS, no terrorism from them worldwide
  • No Abu Ghirab, no torture, no radicalization of Muslims worldwide
  • No militarization of local police departments with surplus military gear, no Black Lives Matter, no mass killing of unarmed people of color
  • Progress would have been made in global climate change
  • Progress would have been made in renewable energy
  • Politics today would be much more civil (without the divisive W years)
  • Supreme Court wouldn't have Alito or Roberts
  • No Citizens United, no superPACs, no hidden money, no Russian interference, no Koch Industries usurping of democracy
  • No Shelby County, overturning key parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and preventing Democratic votes from counting
  • No Heller, removing almost all restrictions on gun ownership, no Las Vegas shooting, no Pulse nightclub, no Sandy Hook, no Stoneman Douglas
  • Possibly no Barack Obama (he was a reaction to the terrible Bush/Cheney admin)
  • Definitely no Trump (a right-wing reaction to Obama)
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Movie: An Inconvenient Truth
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