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 Finnegans Wake

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PostSubject: Finnegans Wake   Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:56 am

James Joyce's famous 1939 word-play novel has bedeviled me since I first learned of it as a child.  It is nearly incomprehensible, so thick is it with multi-lingual puns and allusions and nonsense.  It is widely regarded as the most difficult book in English literature.

So I was surprised to read recently that it's been translated into ten languages.

Eleven, if you include braille.

I've always heard the novel makes much more sense when read aloud.  I've had it in the back of my head for years, therefore, to find an audiobook of it.  Which it turns out, is not so easy.  Several people have attempted it or parts of it but it's a massive undertaking.

But this morning I found downloadable files for a 1992 unabridged reading by Patrick Horgan, a British actor who has recorded more than 1800 books for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Disabled.  He has a lovely James Joycean lilt.  And this is, apparently, about the only unabridged recording ever made (except for one by Healy so full of errors that it's "notable only for its badness").

It's 27 hours 27 minutes 53 seconds long.  My new CD player reads MP3 data discs, so I burned it as a 3-disc set.
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Finnegans Wake
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