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 Working for a living

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PostSubject: Working for a living   Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:07 pm

Howard's comment about being retired brought to mind a couple of unrelated thoughts which have been rattling around in my brain for a week. Not sure they can be linked but that won't stop me trying.

So I'm standing in the dark, waiting for my bus, marveling at the mass hypnosis that causes grown men and women to get up out of perfectly warm beds and migrate to boring unpleasant office buildings to do inane things for people who don't care. This "spending your life doing something useful" bullshit is pretty deeply engrained -- but why?

Allah has bestowed his favor on Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Citizens born there are unfathomably rich, strictly because of where they were born. They not only do not have to work, they hire foreigners to do the everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning that nobody expects to get paid for. Their only obligation in life is to spend as much money as possible as fast as possible, or else risk being crushed under a pile of ducats or shekels or dollars. They marry several women and buy them villas in France and Ferraris because there's just too much spending to do to do it all yourself.  

Too bad they can't hire the Pakistanis to help them spend money.
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Working for a living
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