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 Book: The Blood Of Emmett Till

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Book: The Blood Of Emmett Till Empty
PostSubject: Book: The Blood Of Emmett Till   Book: The Blood Of Emmett Till EmptyTue Aug 28, 2018 8:35 pm

In August 1955 a black 14-year old teenager from Chicago was staying the summer with his uncle in the delta town of Money, Mississippi. He and some friends visited a local grocery store to buy bubblegum.

Social mores in Mississippi in 1955 were even stricter than in Chicago. Till did something to offend the white shopkeeper — details vary — and the shopkeeper’s husband and brother-in-law later hunted down, lynched and mutilated Emmett Till for his crime of being too sassy. Or possibly placing the change directly in the white girl’s hand, instead of leaving it on the counter. Or possibly saying “Goodbye” as he left.

Till’s mother insisted his body be shipped back to Chicago, rather than being buried anonymously in Mississippi as so many others. She insisted on an open casket funeral, so everybody could see the awful violence to his body. Over 100,000 people visited the church where he lay in state for two days.

Emmett Till’s murder, coming just months after the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court ruling, electrified the civil rights movement. It motivated Rosa Parks to refuse to give up her seat a few weeks later.

This is not normally a book I would purchase, but the vendor screwed up my order for a book of Maureen McHugh short stories and I got this instead. Decided to read it quick before I had to send it back.

People are real assholes sometimes. Unbelievable... but unfortunately entirely believable.
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Book: The Blood Of Emmett Till
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