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 This American Life (TV Series)

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This American Life (TV Series) Empty
PostSubject: This American Life (TV Series)   This American Life (TV Series) EmptySat Aug 18, 2018 9:00 pm

For two years (2006-7) Ira Glass & company tried porting their highly successful TAL radio show over to television.  In the end they decided it was way more work than radio, and not as successful, and they had rotten ratings.  So they pulled their own plug after only twelve episodes.

I'd seen most of them.  Just once though and they haven't been repeated.

Yesterday I found a limited edition bound-book edition of both seasons, apparently only offered for a short time through the TAL website as a fundraiser.  It's not even listed on Amazon. (Oh wait - here it is.)

I'm having way too much fun reliving them.  The ironic low-key weirdness of TAL shines through in living color.
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This American Life (TV Series)
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