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 Book: Fashionable Nonsense

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Book: Fashionable Nonsense Empty
PostSubject: Book: Fashionable Nonsense   Book: Fashionable Nonsense EmptyMon Jul 30, 2018 10:29 am

In 1997 New York physicist Alan Sokal submitted an article to the American professional journal Social Text in which he claims, among other things, that gravity is a social construct, not a real thing. He used extensive footnotes and citations to back up his ridiculous claim.

The article was, of course, a hoax. However his references and citations were from real "post-modernists" who misused science and mathematics when discussing non-scientific and non-mathematical subjects. The article was published without reservations (several of the citations were of one of the journal's editors).

All hell broke loose when he revealed the article to be a hoax, an exposure of the misuses of science that various authors had gotten up to. This book recounts the story, and delves a little deeper into the patent nonsense being put forward by such prominent "scholars" as Gilles Deleuze, FĂ©lix Guattari, Paul Virilio, Bruno Latour, Jacques Lacan, Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigary. Many years ago I had the extreme displeasure of copying out a Deleuze tract for another publication, and I admitted then that it sounded like word salad to me -- utterly incomprehensible. Words thrown together seemingly at random, with some semblance of grammar but none of meaning.

There is, unfortunately, no lack of obscurant writing in the world, designed to confound the reader while giving the author a patina of erudition.
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Book: Fashionable Nonsense
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