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 Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary

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Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary Empty
PostSubject: Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary   Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary EmptyTue Jul 24, 2018 1:58 pm

There are 29 candidates running against our current US Senator Maria Cantwell, who everyone agrees is doing a good job and won't be unseated.  But filing fees must be really low or something, because the nutjobs came out of the woodwork this year.  Several of them can't even figure out WHAT they stand for:

  • Joey Gibson: "The Government now often works for big business.  Many regulations passed by the government destroy small business."  "Gun Free Zones are a complete travesty to the constitution and to the children who have been murdered in cold blood."  "Protect innocent life, a baby in or out of the womb is one of the most beautiful and innocent treasures that we have in this country."  "Community service: 2 years with Patriot Prayer putting my personal safety on the line to force mayors to stop the stand down orders on the police."
  • GoodSpaceGuy: "I, GoodSpaceGuy, predict the prosperous future in space will come through orbital space colonization around our Spaceship Earth."  "Elected Experience: I, GoodSpaceGuy, [have been] electorally defeated 18 times."
  • Mike Luke: "In order to cut the biggest expenditure, military spending, we must scale back the mission of our troops to defending our shipping and travel rights throughout the world along with protecting our territory."
  • Thor Amundson: "If corporations move to other countries, they should follow the same rules and labour practices as in the USA."  "I am backed by %100 [sic] of Orca."
  • Dave Strider: "Taxes do not fund Federal Spending!  Spending on public programs is not debt.  It is an investment in people, our nation, and our future."  "Community service: Cannabis, support repeal and restorations.  I have had access over 40 years, first person in the military, second person in the Nation since 1978."
  • RC Smith: "Tacit knowledge of biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic field interactions with the human body, the effect of microwaves on the central nervous system, and constitutional and human rights violations by ubiquitous imposition of toxic agents into the environment and health of nations.  Federal Communications Commission's forced roll out of 5G wireless technology forces cell tower transceivers in front of every 2 - 12 homes emitting more high density, high frequency Radio Frequency (RF) Millimeter Wave (MMW) and Microwave Radiation (MWR). Decades of studies show RF Radiation has sub-thermal biological effects below current guidelines..."
  • Keith Swank: "The establishment has neglected us for too long, and now they obstruct President Trump from keeping his promises to you.  Career politicians do not respect you or your values.  Pull the plug, Drain the Swamp!" "We need to build a wall on the southern border to keep out drug cartels, gang members and terrorists.  You deserve to have the abiliity to defend yourself and your loved ones.  That's why I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and life-time member of the NRA. You know how to best spend your hard-earned dollars.  The tax cuts need to be permanent.  We can keep our families safe from foreign enemies by having the strongest military in the world.  Our military readiness decreased dramatically during the last administration, and we need to restore it quickly."
  • Charlie R. Jackson: "All income to be taxed at adjusted flat rates listed as follows no exceptions, no deductions and no credits: under 25k 7½%, 25k-50k 10%, 50k-75k 12½%, 75k-100k 15%, 100k-150k 20%, 150k-250k 25%, 250k-500k 30%, 500k-1mil 40%, 1mil-2mil 50%, above 2mil 100%.  When debt is paid off taxes to drop proportionally..."
  • Alex Tsimerman: "I, Alex Tsimerman, speak to all Washingtonians stop Seattle emerald degenerate super smart freaking idiot, who bring Seattle to number One Fascist City in America with Nazi Social Democrat Mafia with progressive Gestapo principle.  That always choose dirty garbage rats that drink from fat cat toilet and who make your life miserable and brought us to total collapse."
  • Don L. Rivers: "I will be looking for other elected officials who share the same passion for reforming and improving a better way of life for our country. Correcting the social injustices the unfair tax laws and immigration reform. Foerign and domestic security issues. Single Payer Tax Care program.[sic]"
  • George H. Kalberer: "Each and every Cop involved in the death of an unarmed person must be immediately fired and banned from Police work for Life both going forward and retroactively." "Conquering China by firing the necessary number of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to destroy all Nuclear Targets, all Air Defense Targets, all Military Targets including each and every Chinese ship, submarine and airplane launched from a safe distance with a goal of no loss of American Life and with no US ground troops used until after China's Unconditional Surrender."
  • James Robert "Jimmie" Deal: "Goal: Fiber to each home, business, school, and Starbucks, with ethernet plugins everywhere for computers and cell phones." "Fluoridation, another fraud, adds three trillion atoms of lead each quart of Seattle tap water!"
  • Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente: "I am not a career Politian [sic]. I am just like you. I don't have to pretend to understand the minority issues because I am one."
  • Jon Butler: "Professional Experience: Apprenticed under Mark Bentley and Hip Hop Robot Tattoo and Piercing. Apprenticing under Justin Tyme at All About It Tattoo." "Community Service: Special Needs Ministry at Chirstain Faith [sic]" "I would love to give teachers raises and better incentives. They are the on our front line [sic] of our generations to come, they are the military of our children." There are other great things I would love to get done for Washingtonians, from creating stricter laws for pedophiles. To raising the speed limits."
  • Mohammad Said: "70 years ago, my family was expelled from the Port City of Haifa Palestine, as well as 700 hundred thousand [sic] Palestinians by Zionist Jews. I tried to resolve this conflict on the basis of stablishing [sic] a non-religious state in Historic Palestine. This resolution was adopted by Grant County Democratic convention four times."
  • Uncle Mover: "First, is there an Alien presence on the planet? Do we co-exist with other alien species (E.T.)? When you think about it, what are the real 'black hole' budgets for NASA, covert space programs and the CIA? What is the fiscal budget for the 800 FEMA camps nationwide? Why do they exist? Is it in the event of Marshall Law? [sic] Obviously, they weren't built to house the homeless. How about Aliens?" "Remember the only segment of the Pentagon destroyed on 9-11 was the accounting office. Go figure."
  • Craig Keller: "Every minute of my term in Congress will be dedicated to defending our seniors, disabled and future retirees against the syphoning of Social Securtiy and Medicare to 10-20 million lying illegal aliens who stole SSN's and identities. Liars get no amnesty and no reward"
  • John Colver: "Community Service: I am a regular attendee of New Life Church in Everett and an avid consumer of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies."

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Posts : 14111
Join date : 2013-01-16
Age : 65
Location : Seattle

Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary Empty
PostSubject: Re: Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary   Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary EmptyWed Aug 08, 2018 6:44 am

Quote :
Maria Cantwell* Democrat 573,017 55.4%
Susan Hutchison Republican 246,296 23.8
Keith Swank Republican 24,134 2.3
Joey Gibson Republican 24,029 2.3
Dave Bryant Republican 21,162 2.0
Clint Tannehill Democrat 20,017 1.9
Art Coday Republican 16,862 1.6
Tim Owen Republican 15,438 1.5
Jennifer Ferguson Independent 12,535 1.2
Matt Hawkins Republican 8,148 0.8
Glen Stockwell Republican 8,042 0.8
Mike Luke Libertarian 7,250 0.7
Don Rivers Democrat 7,235 0.7
Thor Amundson Independent 5,948 0.6
Matthew Heines Republican 5,139 0.5
Mohammad Said Democrat 5,130 0.5
GoodSpaceGuy Republican 4,537 0.4
John Orlinski Republican 4,211 0.4
Dave Strider Independent 4,120 0.4
Steve Hoffman Soc 3,809 0.4
Roque De La Fuente Republican 3,579 0.3
Sam Wright Independent 2,336 0.2
Jimmie Deal Green 2,242 0.2
George Kalberer Democrat 1,630 0.2
Charlie Jackson Independent 1,525 0.1
RC Smith Republican 1,487 0.1
Brad Chase Independent 1,411 0.1
Jon Butler Independent 1,292 0.1
Alex Tsimerman Independent 900 0.1
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Voter's Pamphlet for Aug. 7 Primary
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