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 Movie: Jurassic World "The Lost Kingdom"

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PostSubject: Movie: Jurassic World "The Lost Kingdom"   Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:50 pm

"Jurassic World" was every bit as ridiculous as the trailer made it seem.  Is it possible to be too "over the top" in a movie about re-created dinosaurs?

But all six heroes made it home safe, so it was a success.

I could have gone for a touch of irony here and there, or some humor, or a little self-awareness... but afterall I guess it's just a summer popcorn movie. Special FX have gotten frighteningly good. There's one scene which (probably intentionally?) more-or-less duplicates the pioneering stop-action dinosaur fight in 1925's The Lost World. Willis O'Brien would be astonished.
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Movie: Jurassic World "The Lost Kingdom"
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