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 Gawd I Miss Him

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PostSubject: Gawd I Miss Him   Gawd I Miss Him EmptyWed Jun 20, 2018 4:43 am

He was prescient in so many ways.
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PostSubject: Re: Gawd I Miss Him   Gawd I Miss Him EmptyWed Jul 11, 2018 12:20 pm

I loved him, but I'm so tired of the pussies.
Just soul-deep tired.
I shouldn't have to worry if my daughter will have access to safe abortion.
I shouldn't have to be in a secret club of women who teach each other how to access abortion and birth control outside of the law because we fear we will one day be again relegated to back alleys.
I shouldn't have to worry about how far down the line they will come for me because I support all the things those in charge want to destroy.
I shouldn't be watching grandmothers get arrested for trying to bring children coloring books and actual blankets.

Actual Fucking Blankets. Because the babies were given pieces of foil.
Are people fucking proud of this shit? Are they walking around proud to call themselves and American because children were denied actual blankets?

The Republicans have been playing chess while the Democrats play checkers. We're worried about a SCOTUS nomination that could affect generations when all the while the Republicans and their moneyed little turds have been gerrymandering this into a country where the majority of us aren't even represented. I am not represented. By who? Milquetoasts like Pelosi? Shills and sellouts?

I occupy a country of trash and sellouts.
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Gawd I Miss Him
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