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 Netflix Documentary: Get Me Roger Stone

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PostSubject: Netflix Documentary: Get Me Roger Stone   Sat May 26, 2018 10:34 pm

Just watched an absolutely horrifying show about the inventor of dirty tricks like running false ads and planting made-up news stories about your opponents, the political advisor who says the truth doesn't matter whenever votes are in play, the person who believes in winning at ANY cost, the person who does the bidding of the billionaires by pitching politicians as grass-roots candidates working for the forgotten Americans when -- really -- they're doing the exact opposite.

Roger Stone is evil incarnate.  He worked for and idolizes Richard Nixon (he even has Nixon's face tattooed on his back!), he worked with Ronald Reagan, with  both George Bushes (Sr. & Jr.), and worked to publicly destroy the Clintons and Obama with made-up lies.  And he's made hundreds of millions of dollars doing it.

Roger Stone has been Trump's primary political advisor for 30 years.  Many say he created the Trump presidency.

This show has done something to me, broke something inside me, I think.  

I no longer want anything to do with politics.  What little idealism and optimism I was desperately clinging to has been torn from me.  I no longer have any hope of things getting better.  This is the shitpool that politics has become, and Roger Stone is a big reason.  Things won't be getting better.  The USA is doomed.
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Netflix Documentary: Get Me Roger Stone
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