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 Black Hole Sun

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PostSubject: Black Hole Sun   Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:48 am

I don't think the idea that black holes are actually worm holes is new, but here it is again.
Quote :
Based on the standard model of physics, after the big bang the curvature of the universe should have increased over time so that now—13.7 billion years later—we should seem to be sitting on the surface of a closed, spherical universe. But observations show the universe appears flat in all directions. What’s more, data on light from the very early universe show that everything just after the big bang was a fairly uniform temperature.
That would mean that the farthest objects we see on opposite horizons of the universe were once close enough to interact and come to equilibrium, like molecules of gas in a sealed chamber. Again, observations don’t match predictions, because the objects farthest from each other in the known universe are so far apart that the time it would take to travel between them at the speed of light exceeds the age of the universe.
Wormholes (so far only theoretical) and alternate universes/multiverses (so far only theoretical) combined into one theory.

I wonder if universes inside black holes could be composed of anti-matter, where every other universe is reversed?
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Black Hole Sun
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