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 Blue Tooth Oopsie

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PostSubject: Blue Tooth Oopsie   Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:23 am

Last weekend I was playing some music file off my computer for a guest, when I realized I could use the computer's Bluetooth to port the song to my big stereo which has a Bluetooth receiver. It worked swell, and sounded MUCH better than through my dinky little computer speakers.


One thing I hadn't considered: Bluetooth only allows for one connection at a time. Now my mouse is also Bluetooth. So once I attached to the stereo my mouse detached -- and without a mouse there is no way to negotiate anything onscreen on the computer. I was unable to do ANYTHING on my computer for the rest of the afternoon (quelle embarrass!)

Next day I used my iPad to look up how to activate Bluetooth without a mouse and got everything back up and working with a few magic keystrokes.
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Blue Tooth Oopsie
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