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 The Variability of Tradespeople

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PostSubject: The Variability of Tradespeople   Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:26 pm

We have a big cherry tree in the front yard, mostly dead, hanging over our power lines, covered in moss. We decided to have it removed.

First guy who bid on it said $1100.

Second guy who bid on it said $1600.

This morning our neighbor across the street was having a tree taken down, so we went over and talked to the tree service. "How much to remove this cherry?"


"When can you do it?"

"In about a half hour."

Done and done. Took 'em about a half hour. Of course they didn't have to roll a truck specially for us, and they cut up but did not haul away the rounds. But they chipped all the branches, and I think "FREE WOOD" usually disappears overnight.
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The Variability of Tradespeople
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