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 Sometimes Technology is Haunted

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PostSubject: Sometimes Technology is Haunted   Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:30 pm

Our power went out momentarily yesterday in the windstorm, had to reset all the clocks.  (I guess it's good practice for this weekend.)

But I noticed something weird happened with the TV remote.  The channel up-down and volume still worked, but the on-off no longer worked.  I unplugged the TV to reboot it.  I removed the remote's batteries to reset it.

Still no on-off.

Pulled out the TV's own remote control, instead of the universal.  Power off didn't work on it either.


Went through all the setup screens, checked all the settings, spent 10 minutes trying to find ANYTHING that could explain this.  Nothing.

Finally decided to turn off the TV using the rarely-used on-off button (which is hidden somewhere in the front, part of the trim I think.)  In order to do this I had to move a DVD box from The Sopranos.

WAIT A SECOND.  The infrared receptor is in that corner, behind the Sopranos box.  Moved the box and the on-off started working!  The channel up-down on the universal remote actually controls the Comcast cable box, and the volume up-down actually controls the attached AV receiver.  The only thing that wasn't working was the only control that went straight to the TV -- power.

Had nothing to do with the power outage -- which happened while I was watching Sopranos.
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Sometimes Technology is Haunted
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