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 TV Series: I, Claudivs

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TV Series: I, Claudivs  Empty
PostSubject: TV Series: I, Claudivs    TV Series: I, Claudivs  EmptyThu Mar 08, 2018 2:35 pm

The first eighteen chapters in the book I’m reading, The Book of Lost Books, have been about ancient Greek & Roman authors.  Reminds me of my almost complete ignorance of the ancient world (a friend of mine is quite the cognoscenti).  

I remember from my youth loving the BBC series “I, Claudivs” which was, if I recall correctly, brutally honest.  Checked online and copies are cheap.  Have one on order now.  Five DVDs.  It’ll keep me occupied when I get old.

Last week I decided I really want to see “The Sopranos” again, and those are also readily available cheap.  I laid in the six box sets at $ten per, or 70¢ an episode.  The parallels between Emperor Claudius and Tony Soprano are not coincidental.
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TV Series: I, Claudivs
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