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 Another flat earth thing

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PostSubject: Another flat earth thing   Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:25 am

I came across something this morning that is absolutely obvious, but had never occurred to me in all these years.

You know how all those round-earth people say we are on the surface of a big ball, and so if you were far enough away (with a big enough telescope) you could see the English standing proud while the Australians are upside down? Of course you do, we tell even quite small children that's the way it is. But nobody ever pointed out to me that it works the other way, too.

Search for full moon, Svalbard Norway, and you find lots of images, say like this:

Search for full moon, Ecuador, and you find the moon is sideways:

Search for full moon, Tasmania, and you see the moon really is upside down:

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PostSubject: Re: Another flat earth thing   Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:38 am

Never thought of that, but you're absolutely correct.  Astonishing and simple.

I heard on NPR sometime this week that some Flat Earther claimed they had "believers all around the globe" but the story is probably apocryphal.  Can't find any corroboration online.  Looking at a couple flat earther sites it's apparent there's no reasoning with those folks.  They're like Xtians, everything is proof of their delusion even disproofs.
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Don't bother arguing with atheists , If they can't even accept the Creator and the Bible how will they accept the truth about the Earth?
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Another flat earth thing
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