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 Which Party Owns The US Debt?

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PostSubject: Which Party Owns The US Debt?   Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:15 pm

  • Obama (D): added $7.917T, 68% increase (reversing Bush's economic crash)
  • Bush Jr. (R): $5.849T, 101% increase (started two wars)
  • Clinton (D): $1.396T, 32% increase
  • Bush Sr. (R): $1.554T, 54% increase
  • Reagan (R): $1.86T, 186% increase
  • Carter (D): $299B, 43% increase
  • Ford (R): $224B, 47% increase
  • Nixon (R): $121B, 34% increase (Vietnam)
  • Johnson (D): $42B, 13% increase (Vietnam)
  • Kennedy (D): $23B, 8% increase
  • Eisenhower (R): $23B, 9% increase
  • Truman (R): $7B, 3% increase
  • Roosevelt (D): $236B, 1,068% increase (WWII)
  • Hoover (R): $6B, 33% increase
  • Coolidge (R): -$5B, 26% decrease
  • Harding (R): -$2B, 7% decrease
  • Wilson (D): $21B, 727% increase (WWI)
  • All presidents prior to Wilson, $2.9B


Adding these up, Republicans have added $9.691T to the $20T debt.  Democrats have added $9.934T, of which all but $1.76T was cleaning up Republican messes.  Therefore, Republicans "own" 91.03% of the total debt, Democrats own 8.96%.

Democrats average 279% increase (31.6% increase without the World Wars), Republicans average 43.4% increase.

It would be interesting to see this charted out by Congressional majority rather than President, since Congress apportions the money.
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PostSubject: Re: Which Party Owns The US Debt?   Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:35 am

Democrats are the tax and spend party. Republicans are the cut taxes and spend even more party. 91% sounds like a low estimate.
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Which Party Owns The US Debt?
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