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 "Harmful Regulations"

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PostSubject: "Harmful Regulations"   Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:21 pm

Quote :
This year, the House offered record relief from Obama-era red tape passing 16 bills that strike harmful regulations from the books.

I just can't get this sentence out of my mind. "Harmful regulations." What in god's name do you suppose the House means by "harmful regulations"?

  • Do they imagine these regulations were put in place to cause harm?

  • Do they not understand that regulations get imposed because someone somewhere did something they shouldn't have, and it caused harm?

  • What would a totally unregulated society look like? Like 1928 Times Square?

  • Do they imagine that would that be a GOOD thing?

  • If you look at who got rich in the period 1929-1939, people with large cash reserves did extraordinarily well. They were able to buy up assets -- businesses, land, properties, stocks, bonds, utilities -- for pennies on the dollar. They made huge profits off the misfortune of all of the small investors.

  • Therefore..., like the apocalyptic christians who are praising Trump for hastening the end times, are there "apocalyptic economists" who are actively working toward a Second Great Depression, to get all the suckers out of the markets so they can scoop up assets?
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"Harmful Regulations"
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