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 Not Since Reagan

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PostSubject: Not Since Reagan   Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:50 am

Trump's been getting good reviews for some of the speeches he's delvered in Asia. I wish to god the news people would state the fucking obvious though.

Trump doesn't write the speeches. The way he reads them, it's apparent he's never seen the words before. He must have ZERO input into their crafting. They probably intentionally keep them away from him so he won't get upset and start rewriting them.

There are two distinct styles of speechgiving by Mr. Trump. There is the reasoned, carefully-worded diplomatic language which he is given to read in public, and then there's off-script. When he's off-script he's anything but.

I wish to god the press would point that out. Trump isn't moderating his rhetoric.

He's reading a fucking speech somebody more mature wrote for him!

No president since Reagan has been so uninvolved in policy, in making decisions, in the shape of his administration. Trump is a show-clown, trotted out now and then and told to stick to the words on-screen.

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Not Since Reagan
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