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 Notable Destinations

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PostSubject: Notable Destinations   Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:29 pm

A couple years ago the little town in which I live did a bunch of "civic improvements" which must have been the brainchild of one city council member. They put in new sidewalks downtown, put in fancy cast iron old-fashioned street lamps, hung baskets of flowers from the street lamps... you know, that sort of thing.

Another "improvement" was a series of signs, guideposts, with arrows pointing in the direction of various city highlights: Library, City Hall, Civic Center, Senior Center... and the one that makes me chuckle EVERY TIME I DRIVE PAST IT, a sign pointing the way to the Edmonds Cemetery.

I mean, so many people visit wanting to see our famous cemetery! I guess the dead people all know where it is, as do the relatives who buried them... but the tourists! They'd be CLUELESS where to find the dead people without signage. Thank GAWD one of our council members had the foresight to include the cemetery in his list of "must see" sights.
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Notable Destinations
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