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PostSubject: Skyfair    Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:49 pm

Our new house is pretty near Paine Field, a private airport used by Boeing's Everett plant and a bunch of smaller tenants, one of which is Paul Allen's Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. Some billionaires collect rare wine, some work to eradicate malaria, some collect old warplanes. Pretty strange for a Conscientious Objector, but who am I to judge.

Today was an event at the museum called the 4th Annual Air & Ground FHCAM Skyfair. What it meant for us, here in Paine Field's flight path, is a slew of old warbirds flying overhead, making one hell of a racket for about four hours. I'm not an aficionado and couldn't identify any of them, but the website says "Storch, B-25, Hellcat, Corsair, Mosquito, Bearcat, L4, OH-6, UH-1, MiG (Static), Super Corsair (Static)", i.e. lots of WWII-era two- and four-propeller fighter planes, many flying in pairs or threes. Some were flying in close formation, seemingly within inches of each other.

Alternately awe inspiring, and somewhat annoying. They were VERY LOUD.
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