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 The Party Out Of Power

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PostSubject: The Party Out Of Power   Sat May 27, 2017 10:11 am

All during the Obama Administration Fox News kept up a steady drumbeat of how the Clintons were running a child sex trafficking ring out of a D.C. pizza joint, and how Hillary was about to go to jail for Benghazigate, and how Obama was born in Kenya, and anything else they could think of to discredit his presidency.

Because they were out of power, there was nothing the GOP could do except these continuous slander campaigns.  And refusing to consider any legislation or confirmation of his nominations.

Well now Trump is in power, and MSNBC has been in constant "breaking news crisis" mode.  The Russian thing, the shoving, the slights, the improprieties, the outrageous statements.  Meanwhile the Trump White House marches along as if nothing is wrong.  Fox News doesn't even report the incidents you hear on MSNBC (and to be fair most other news media), a Fox viewer (like Trump) would be totally unaware of what everyone else is saying is major news.  Impeachable stuff.

Makes ya wonder.  What is real in DC, does any of this matter to anybody, anybody at all?  It is all just window dressing, just pandering to the demographic?

Congress spent several years and millions of dollars impeaching Bill Clinton over a cum stained dress, and in the end it didn't deter his presidency.  Will Democrats do the same to Trump but fail to derail his agenda & presidency?
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The Party Out Of Power
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