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 What Will Deregulation Privatize Next?

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PostSubject: What Will Deregulation Privatize Next?   Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:18 pm

Big story on NPR this morning about Air B'nB, and how the hotel industry doesn't like the competition from people renting out their homes. Apparently it's becoming big business, with some property managers renting out multiple properties.

This mirrors the cab drivers' complaints about Uber, and how Uber drivers can undercut them because they don't have licensing and insurance regulations.

Trump is all about "removing barriers to competition" --

What industries will we see privatized in the next 4 yours?
  • Doctors - anybody with a box of bandages will be able to render assistance without fear of medical malpractice
  • Lawyers - ditto
  • Union machinists - hiring off the street, no apprenticeship necessary, no prior experience needed
  • Teachers - anybody with a college degree -- or hell, if you've graduated pre-school you can teach it! It's all about choice!
  • Airline pilots - "Anybody onboard have any flying experience? Anyone ever played Microsoft Flight?"
  • Politicians - wee don't neeed no steekin' elections...
  • Mailmen - grab your personal vehicle and show up at the post office at 8:00am
  • Taxmen - get the most out of your TurboTax disc, do everybody's taxes on the block. New tax codes will be easy anyway, just count up all your money and send it in
  • Restaurants - Got an extra helping of stew on Saturday?
  • Drugstore - Vinnie down on the corner can mix any formulation you want
  • Newsmen - "Get your red hot news, right here, if we don't have the news you're looking for we'll make it up for you on the spot!"
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PostSubject: Re: What Will Deregulation Privatize Next?   Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:35 pm

Half of those seem to be true already.
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What Will Deregulation Privatize Next?
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