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PostSubject: Linked In    Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:17 pm

I set up a bare bones Linked In profile many years ago when I was job-searching.  Never did anything with it, or paid any further attention to it.  I have a avoided social networking (Faecebook, Twitter, etc.) like the plague because, well, I'm not that social.

A couple weeks ago I was idly looking for an old buddy of mine, and the only online contact info on him I could find was thru Linked In, so I reopened it to contact him.

Since then, my Linked In profile has been populated with HUNDREDS of "potential contacts" -- people who share some other contact with me, or some history (jobs, schools).  Looking through the list I saw maybe a dozen names I recognized.  People I havent seen or contacted in twenty years.

I sent a few of them invites to add me.

The other 400?  Nope
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Linked In
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