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 Democrat vs. Republican

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PostSubject: Democrat vs. Republican   Sun May 15, 2016 6:39 am

The two viable political parties in the US are often described as "liberal" versus "conservative" but we all know that's a convenient fiction.

Republicans are in favor of small government, except when it comes to legislating morality. Democrats are in favor of tolerance and diversity, except when it comes to allowing religion to guide principles. Republicans are in favor of lower taxes and regulations, but think nothing of using government assets to bail out or prop up failing businesses. Democrats believe in a strong social safety net, but would let weak businesses fail and lay off all their employees -- unless they're big campaign donors. Republicans favor defense contractors: war is good business.

Both parties share a lot more with each other than they diverge. Both cater to money, both maintain entrenched power, both promise a lot more than they plan to or ever could deliver.

Both of course have as their prime directive trying to maintain their own power first.

I was laying in bed this morning trying to think up new definitions for the parties, as they exist today. Definitions that would accurately delineate the true differences between the parties (such as they are today). See what you think of these.

Republicans are the party of rich old men, who wish to maintain all of the privileges that wealth brings them. And younger poorer people who hope to become rich old men someday.

Democrats ... Democrats .... Meh, I'm not really sure WHAT they stand for.
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Democrat vs. Republican
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