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 Morsi Out, But Who will be IN?

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PostSubject: Morsi Out, But Who will be IN?   Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:24 am

Mohammed Morsi was removed as president of Egypt by the military last night, but it remains to be seen who will replace him. They are saying a "temporary civilian government" with the interim president being the "chief justice of the constitutional court" Adli Mansour whoever that is.

Remains to be seen I think whether the post-Morsi government will be more Islamic and more radical than Morsi (who was a lot like his predecessor Mubarek) or less so. The rapid decline of Morsi was due in large part to the decline in Egypt's economy this past year, more than disappointment with the Islamic Brotherhood and their failure to deliver on promises.
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Morsi Out, But Who will be IN?
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