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PostSubject: Counterfeit!   Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:35 am

Mrs. NoCo was in Florida last week. Before leaving, she was informed she needed to tell our credit card company she was going, because the State of Florida is such a "identity theft capital" that our bank -- and probably many others -- automatically shut off your card if any charges show up in Florida when you don't live there.

Lovely, huh?

While she was there (at the airport actually) a restaurant passed her a counterfeit $50 bill. She didn't realize it until she tried to spend it later, and the vendor notified her. On returning home she took it to a bank and they verified it's a fake.

Neither one of us could tell. It looks absolutely correct, it has watermarks if you hold it up to light, the look and feel seem right.

Yet the one vendor in Florida, and the bank here, were able to instantly identify it as a counterfeit. A good one!

Remind me never to visit Florida.
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