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 Choosing to Believe

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PostSubject: Choosing to Believe   Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:54 am

Ted Cruz held a news conference yesterday where he announced he does not believe in global warming.

I did not watch any of it, but as the evangelical candidate, I presume his reasoning is that God gave the earth to mankind to have dominion over, and so wouldn't let mankind destroy our own environment. This is the argument climate-denying evangelicals have used before.

Now, it's all fine and good to have a belief system and to stick to those beliefs in the face of all evidence to the contrary. I mean, it's a pathology and its counter-productive, but at least it's consistent.

But I would think such a belief system, even in a country with freedom of religion, should disqualify one from seeking office in the government. Not just the highest office, but I wouldn't want any of these fantasy-thinkers anywhere near government. Espousing such views should be equivalent to believing in aliens, or the inherent superiority of one race, or denying the Holocaust. This should be grounds for immediate impeachment.
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Choosing to Believe
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