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 There MUST be better ways to spend money

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PostSubject: There MUST be better ways to spend money   Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:29 am

Quote :
With the past two or three election cycles, there seems to have been a "singularity" approaching in American politics, and with Trump's hat now in the ring, I dare say it's arrived. What I mean is, reality and satire have become one. There is no longer any way to distinguish whether you are watching the Republican Presidential debates on CNN, or watching Saturday Night Live skewering said debate.  

Of course Trump has every right to run, but let's not overlook the fact that we have now entered a stage in our politics where we have candidates running for President who don't care if they win. We also have a citizenry that is so fed up with its fake politicians that they will actually vote for a guy who doesn't care if he wins, just because he speaks his mind.

Say what you will about the rest of the GOP field, and yes, I dare say that they're just as crazy as Trump, but I also think they're genuinely interested in becoming President. That's why they can't talk the way Trump does. They have to be measured, reasoned, slightly flexible on their positions. They can't alienate potential voters on a whim (hello, Mexican rapists).  

Trump can say whatever the hell he wants, simply because he doesn't care if he wins. And in this new era of American politics, where the singularity has finally arrived, that's precisely why he just might win. We have officially become a farce.
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There MUST be better ways to spend money
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