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 "I grant you your wish. Now you must live with it."

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PostSubject: "I grant you your wish. Now you must live with it."   Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:41 pm

Quote :
During the closing events of the war with the Imperial Order, Richard Rahl was forced to activate the Boxes of Orden using the Sword of Truth in order to defend his followers from the attacks of Emperor Jagang. Richard knew that the Imperial Order's ultimate goal was a world in which magic did not exist. So, using the power of Orden, Richard duplicated his world minus all its magic and offered everyone in the world of magic the choice of going to this new world, where the Order would reign unchecked, or staying in the world of magic where they would be allowed to live their own lives.

More than half of the world of magic's population chose to go into the world without magic. After the Order and its followers departed, the Pillars of Creation, led by Richard's sister Jennsen Rahl, also chose to go to this new world, not because they agreed with the Order's doctrine, but because they felt that, since they were pristinely ungifted, this new world was where they really belonged.
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"I grant you your wish. Now you must live with it."
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